wmt-vs-amznWalmart’s President and CEO of Walmart.com, Fernando Madeira, blog statement(I am paraphrasing here)…customers shouldn’t have to pay for a membership to get a discount, is just a little disingenuous. Fact/Truth ( stealing from Carrie O’s, she is always saying Fact/Truth and I love it when she gets on a rant) Sam’s Club is a Walmart division, and guess what!? I pay a membership to buy from Sam’s Club, happily. There is just somethings that are in the Sam’s Club that I can’t find in other stores. And to have the ability to buy in bulk at a lower price, well that just so justifies the membership fee. I am also a Amazon Prime member and I am happy to pay for that membership too.

While I understand Walmart’s need to counter Amazon Prime’s July 15, 2015, Prime Day, I am a little miffed why Walmart has to target the membership fee. Wouldnt it be kinder for Walmart to create a deal day for themselves, to coincide with Amazon Prime day( I know, the logistics of that happening in less than a year is asking way too much, seriously). Or maybe, just let Amazon have their day and Walmart just make your deal day some other time. Which is everyday because of Walmart’s lowest price guarantee, right?.

But who am I !? I dont have a billion dollar business to run, so therefore maybe I should just let the companies do their job.But I have to say this…don’t insult your customers intelligence just to jab at your competition. Kinda gives me a creepy, smarmy feeling about the statement, being that Walmart does have a membership for one of their divisions, Sam’s Club.

My Fact/Truth…I will still shop at Walmart, Sam’s, Amazon, Target and many other places. Sometimes its not always about the deal though; sometimes it is just about the convenience of getting something when I want it. Keep doing that and I will keep shopping.