So…I have been saying I will start a blog for over a year now! Honestly not sure why I am starting one. I think it may have something to do with….if it is a challenge I am going to try it!  I wouldn’t necessarily call it my passion, but I have had this drive, this urge, this emptiness that I need to fill, that is pushing me to do things…anything(s).For so long I did not try. Call it fear, but not the fear of trying , it was the big fat fear of being judge when I tried and failed. At least for me,  getting older  has dissipates the fear of judgement, scorn, and I told ya so, somewhat, and now I am making up for lost time. My goal is to a have a what I didn’t do post on (Truth)Tuesdays, followed up by what I am doing now (Trying)Thursdays…. and in between some curious observations along the way.

So my first Truth Tuesday….can’t spell…nope…so can’t spell. It was daunting without a computer and spell check growing up( aging myself here), because if I couldn’t spell it, how can I look it up in a dictionary to spell it correctly. But now spell check has been a great help; although sometimes spell check can’t decipher the word I am trying to spell. It doesn’t bother me a bit that I can’t spell. As a matter of fact I kinda feel it is apart of my eclectic character. I embraced the fact that I can’t spell and add it to another thing in my life that makes me laugh at myself! One caveat of spell check…if on my phone, clicking a word when spell check comes up and it is not the correct spelling, I will continue to misspell the word. Example, phone keep correcting it to S-p-e-a-c-h! Funny thing is, my brain will not accept the correct spelling. I must always double check because the correct spelling in my head will never be there. Every time I double check, it is truly like the first time I am spelling the word.

Reach the truth, and change your mind! I am on it! Good Day All!